A November Afternoon

New updates for you.

The water is turned off and our garden is recovering. The garden furniture piled up in the arbor, the roses were prepared with compost and protected, the artichokes with hay and jute against the elements. The gutters have been freed from leaves. Things are going pretty well!

I am no longer so desperately unhappy about the end of the season because I know now that it starts again from scratch. It takes only a few months and our living room will be fully equipped with some dishes with fresh potting soil. A few days later buds start to shoot here and there, and at once the seedlings are huge and we start to get over the stress of all the work. Or actually, the stress gets even worse because we have to toil up in the late evening hours to plant everything. We will be in the garden constantly, keeping eagle eyes on everything happening. Part out of worry, and part our fascination.

Eventually it rains again, probably on a daily basis over many weeks and the snails proliferate uncontrollably. They then eat some greatest of our hopes just so overnight we are at war again. It is a constant, never-ending process!

A few weeks later it’s harvest time. Some work, some turn out to be nothing, although last year the yield was high. One thing is nevertheless certain: the day will come when the refrigerator is bursting at home with garden goods and empty plates pile up everywhere.

This is all like a huge game and it makes it all worthwhile. It is somehow very comforting to know that everything has its time.


I had a slight lag with the fitness schedule, but am going to get back to it soon. I’m thinking of trying some yoga or pilates as they can help tone the body, maybe even give me some six pack abs! Diet is a major part of physical fitness, so I am already in good shape. But I want a bit more flexibility with movement, a better vertical jump, and more stamina for cardio work.

Musical inspiration of the day: Dizzy Gillespie – A November Afternoon