Learning to Fly

A while ago I had promised to write about a garden course. Actually it is a basic course for becoming a garden consultant. The 6-part course was organized by the national association of gardening friends to form a group of consultants for the respective allotment associations. Nice thing to do and free for all the participants!

The variety in the course was remarkable, ranging from plant physiology over landscaping to ground teaching and plant protection. An evening was dedicated to the legal basis of allotment gardening.

I will not speak on all the contents here, but a Top 5 of my new knowledge bites I can share for you:

1. Tulip bulbs should always plant them in a snug hole because otherwise they “grow down” and eventually no longer develop.
2. Always plant tulip bulbs from October to December before the first frost.
3. Tomatoes can grow for three years at one point – so they do not have to rotate annually.
4. Apple trees should not be cut often, because they contribute to the three-year wood. According to my observations, many gardeners do not know this.
5. The offspring of F1 hybrids also bear fruits, but one does not know how the characteristics of the parent plants emerge.

So I have learned a lot and taken the final examination, I also passed! It was very nice to learn that I know quite a lot just from doing it for fun. Particularly great was to speak to other gardeners about their experience, with lots of photos being shared of each other’s gardens.

Now what happens after the course? The next level of the course involves plant protection methods – I’m probably doing it too! Who wants to deal with pests, caterpillars and slugs? 😉

My Fitness Updates

Fitness is going well. I got back into the groove and have been sticking to a regimen. Gardening helps to make my body toned, but you can’t beat a good physical fitness program. I intend to try a fairly new course by Adam Folker after reading this Vert Shock review. It deals with basketball training like the Jump Manual but is a little bit different. I might even look into joining a basketball league if I can find a local side who I can train with.

Musical inspiration of the day: Pink Floyd: Learning to Fly