Stranger in a Strange Land

So we were unsure blogging about bizarre things, because there is very little upside potential in terms of “strange”. In recent weeks though there have been two slightly peculiar events.

1) Operation “horse manure”

Having a long time off over the holidays has a positive and negative side. My husband’s impatience was unbearable for me. I told him, in the afternoon I can take time off other things, it’s time for the operation of horse manure. Now or never. I bet he screamed internally. He googled immediately a horse farm near the town, and asked there whether they could deliver manure (which one could describe as a rhetorical question). Answer: As much as you want. With a flatbed, we drove to a horse ranch. There the man provided five wheelbarrows that were partly rotted, partly fresh. Most will be composted, some of which we use primarily to create a new vegetable patch

If you told me three years ago that I would spend a free afternoon picking up manure, I would have laughed loudly. Now that has become an almost normal part of life.

2) Nunnery

I have not necessarily thought that I would eventually buy reading material from a nunnery. Then, one day I found an article about tractors located in the garden behind the monastery walls in Fulda, and this inspired me to do some internet research. I found the convent (also a monastery nowadays according to the website) and ordered the book and several other books too (one about snails). Only later, when I heard it repeated back to me I realized how strange that sounds.

Fitness Project

Finally, I am working hard on my physical fitness. I intend to lose some weight and feel noticeably better. I plan to use interval training, so I can get a good shape instead of long distance jogging (I don’t want to be skinny as a rake). I’m excited about improving my fitness, but scared at the same time.

Musical inspiration of the day: Iron Maiden: Stranger in a Strange Land