Yesterday’s News

Okay, so it’s been a little while since the last update. I hoped to included daily updates but that is looking unrealistic. I’ll try, but no promises!

Staudenbeet_PerennapenkkiOne of the best occasions over the last week was a lovely dinner shared in the shade of a cherry tree. It was a little piece of paradise for a couple of hours. The restaurant, The Cherry Tree, cooked a delicious haddock, including some Mediterranean vegetables and potatoes. It was actually both healthy and delicious! The setting was what really capped off the night though.

Another update is that we’ve started to clean up the terrace overlooking the back garden. It needed a spruce up as it had started to look a bit dilapidated. The rail was rusting and there was a lot of missing brickwork around the edges. We’ve completely replaced the railing, and made a start adding some rustic looking stones around the edges. When we add some flowers and a small table and chair set it will be completely transformed. It will be a lovely way to spend a summer evening when it is fully completed.

Decisions About the Garden

The garden I feel will be a perpetual work in progress. The dahlias will form a part of a flower hill, but I’m concerned that it won’t have any particular ‘look’ and will just look untidy. I’m also not sure about the buckthorn and elderberries, whether to keep them or cut them back for another year. Decisions, decisions!

Fitness Update

I have really taken to the Jump Manual course I told you about. Basketball might just be the perfect sport for fitness as you are completely drained after a workout, but it always feels like fun! Cycling and jogging start to get tedious quickly, so I really needed an alternative. The basketball training program is focused around the vertical jump aspect, so I hope to add some inches to my jump. At the moment though I am working on my overall fitness and starting to see some results.

Today’s musical inspiration – Whiskeytown: Yesterday’s News

Let’s See Action

Nothing too exciting to report, but a few updates for the blog.

1) A vegetable garden extension

I decided to expand the existing winter garden. The men have dug the overgrown patch to a respectable state. The roots and other bits and pieces were removed, but, unfortunately, it is not in quite the condition I would have liked. The exposed top soil can be harmful to the larvae, who live for years under the ground and are there for the plant roots. The birds have been flocking to try and scoop up the worms and bugs that are appearing on the surface…not perfect for the ground but a nice site for us.

2) A perennials clearance

At the same time antoher problem is pyllisteltiin weeds and perennials bouquet. Our ambitious goal is to take a giant step towards the cottage garden. The front of the column is absolutely covered and will be a tough job. There are some nice plants, but unfortunately all higgledy piggledy and very few and far between. I had a quick read of the “Encyclopedia of Gardening” instructions issued on the subject and feeling encouraged we took the pitchfork and a shovel. We raised Sep leimun and a huge Aster, we removed the dead parts, and moved the perennials to new habitats of a suitable size. This probably sounds easier than it was, but we really had to fight to get the job done and could have done with an axe. It seems that all the effort paid off as almost all perennials transferred seem to have recovered from the move.

3) Plant Shopping

We somehow managed to fit in a shopping trip so we could finally fill in the flower beds where needed. We had a nursery trip in the Britzin district and grabbed as many plants as we could. In the garden is now a blueberry, strawberry, and currant bush, and more to come including geranium, roses, hollyhocks and malvaa. Have to admit, the end result isn’t quite what I wanted. Did the plants take up too much space? Did we put too much horse manure planting in the soil mix?


4) A frog in the pond

Also on the Ranch will be a small frog pond. The guys already dug the basin ground (good, men!) And the end of the week we are going to visit a small trade show to obtain the pond plants. I’ll report back later.

Fitness Update

I’m considering whether to do the P90X program, or maybe that will be too strenuous for me. I want something that will strengthen my muscles, but I don’t want to be permanently sore. There is no gym nearby, so I’ll have to use my home and the land. Physical fitness is important to me, but there is so much information it is hard to know what to believe.

Today’s musical inspiration The Who: Let’s See Action

Stranger in a Strange Land

So we were unsure blogging about bizarre things, because there is very little upside potential in terms of “strange”. In recent weeks though there have been two slightly peculiar events.

1) Operation “horse manure”

Having a long time off over the holidays has a positive and negative side. My husband’s impatience was unbearable for me. I told him, in the afternoon I can take time off other things, it’s time for the operation of horse manure. Now or never. I bet he screamed internally. He googled immediately a horse farm near the town, and asked there whether they could deliver manure (which one could describe as a rhetorical question). Answer: As much as you want. With a flatbed, we drove to a horse ranch. There the man provided five wheelbarrows that were partly rotted, partly fresh. Most will be composted, some of which we use primarily to create a new vegetable patch

If you told me three years ago that I would spend a free afternoon picking up manure, I would have laughed loudly. Now that has become an almost normal part of life.

2) Nunnery

I have not necessarily thought that I would eventually buy reading material from a nunnery. Then, one day I found an article about tractors located in the garden behind the monastery walls in Fulda, and this inspired me to do some internet research. I found the convent (also a monastery nowadays according to the website) and ordered the book and several other books too (one about snails). Only later, when I heard it repeated back to me I realized how strange that sounds.

Fitness Project

Finally, I am working hard on my physical fitness. I intend to lose some weight and feel noticeably better. I plan to use interval training, so I can get a good shape instead of long distance jogging (I don’t want to be skinny as a rake). I’m excited about improving my fitness, but scared at the same time.

Musical inspiration of the day: Iron Maiden: Stranger in a Strange Land