Ready, Steady, Go

Construction projects here are unfortunately famous for their schedule problems. We did our best to save the city image we had in your heads and we have the pleasure and honor to inform you that the Big City Ranch frog pond was completed on schedule. Even more pleasing is the budget we had was not exceeded.

So we purchased a finished 250-liter basin, which the guys dug in the ground. We bought a DIY and garden store pool mulch, gravel and aquatic plants, and it was quite a sight. I raise my hat to both the guys, the outcome became more pleasing as time moved on and demarcation of the area with gravel was a great idea – it binds the water area to the surrounding ground perfectly.

ranch plants

The water has already become clear and the bottom of the “planted” lily seems already to have increased. The plants are currently pretty tiny, but the water plants are reportedly particularly fast-growing so I hope to have a great spectacle in the not too distant future. I understand that the plants can also help to keep the water clean, but that might just be wishful thinking. Now we just need a frog to pay us a visit and enjoy the hospitality!

Fitness Training Update

I’ve decided to try a more interesting fitness program called the Jump Manual. As a keen basketball player, the chance to work on my game along with getting in shape was just too much to pass up. The program is a complete fitness plan by Jacob Hiller, so not just focused on basketball workouts. I should improve my vertical jump at least, though I highly doubt I’ll ever be able to dunk a basketball. I’ll update you further on this.

Sounds for the day are from Billy Idol & Generation X – Ready, Steady, Go